Does ObjectSpectrum offer turn-key private wireless networks?

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Yes. This is especially true for applications that have a specific geography. This could be on a farm or in a building or on a campus where the solution is well suited for a private network and the private networks can include things like LoRaWAN as well as private LTE or even in some cases, private WiFi or Bluetooth networks. Obviously, it depends on the application, but when it makes sense, we can and do provide the network and the management of a complete network solution. There have been prospects in the past that have assumed “if I am using a public network, I’ll have to pay for it, but if I’m using a private network, it should all be free, right?” Nope. Not right at all. Think of the network as one part of your overall solution. If we use a public network, then that public network needs to provide service to you, and they will charge you some type of recurring fee to do that. If we build a private network for you, we still have to provide that service, so there’s some kind of fee whether it’s built into our monthly rate, or the fee associated with the number of devices that you have, but it’s not free. Just because it’s private does not mean there’s no cost to it. Somebody has to actually operate it. Now, typically the cost will be less for a private network than a public network, but in some cases you have to use a public network because there is no other choice.

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