Why use ObjectSpectrum instead of a custom software or an Internet application development firm?

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There are two issues here: 

  1. ObjectSpectrum has our own software and tools that were purpose-built to rapidly design, develop and deploy IoT solutions. That is our secret (or not so secret, since we’re putting it on a public website) weapon. If you go to a software outsourcing firm, they are going to use tools, development environments and third-party components and whatnot that they know and that are available to them in the market. They’re not bringing any intellectual property of their own to the table. We’re bringing intellectual property that was purpose-built to accelerate these types of solutions and not only for the purpose of making it go faster, which directly translates into less cost, but also in reducing risk. In the sense that, when we develop a solution, we are using a set of tools and libraries and both in-house developed and third-party stuff that already works together and has already been field-proven and tested. We already know that it’s secure. We already know that it scales. We already know all of this stuff about it, whereas a custom developer has to figure that out about every single aspect of even the tiniest components they create as a part of the solution. In a sense, nobody starts from scratch these days – ‘cause what does “from scratch” mean anyway? But the difference is that we’re starting you five years ahead of where you would be starting without us. Way ahead. Our starting point is 80% of the finish line compared to the 0% starting point of any software outsourcing firm would be starting from. 
  2. They may not really have a lot of experience in IoT. Maybe they’ve developed complex games, maybe they’ve developed complex e-commerce websites. But the skillset to create applications like those are not the same skillet required to create IoT applications. There can be some overlap, but not necessarily. Do not be fooled by promises made by sales engineers who say, “we can do this, we can do that, we can do IoT.” IoT is very different. It’s a very deep “stack” with a lot of layers – much more so than an e-commerce site. But even if you don’t want to compare them, you can just say that they’re very different. We wouldn’t use Prism (our IoT solution platform) to go and write a first-person shooter game, for example. So, the second thing is: expertise. We are specifically and solely focused on IoT, we have deep experience at all levels of the stack, we have strong relationships in the ecosystem (vastly undervalued by some), we know what it takes to design, develop and deploy an IoT solution. 

It ultimately translates into speed, cost, and low risk. That’s really what this boils down to.

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