Why use ObjectSpectrum instead of my internal development team?

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Well, does your internal team have this skill set? Are they deeply experienced in IoT design and development? Maybe they’ve been doing database development for your ERP system. Are they the best people to develop an IoT application that they themselves know nothing about it? Of course not. But okay, let’s presume your internal development team does have the skillset. But then we’d ask why not let us work with your internal development team? Let us be the expertise in the IoT side of this and let your internal team be the experts in your business. And, under the right circumstances, eventually your internal development team could take all of it over. We’re using all kinds of industry-standard tools and languages and protocols. It’s not that someone couldn’t learn it, it’s just do you want to pay for your internal team to go through that learning curve? We can short circuit that process and then you always have the option of letting your internal team take over maintenance and future development.

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