Prescription for IoT success.

Smart data can improve quality of care.


IoT healthcare trends

You don’t have to be in the room where it happens to give quality patient care. Using IoT technology, you’ll have everything you need to know about patients’ vital signs, current medication, and physical activity in real-time, no matter where you are.



Asset tracking

Track all the small things. With the increasing portability of devices in the healthcare field, it’s important to know where your assets are in real-time. IoT technology gives you a high level of precision tracking at a minimal cost, all while increasing efficiency, minimizing improper use, and reducing loss.


Fall detection and alerting

Care doesn’t end in the exam room. Many elderly and high-risk patients need 24/7 monitoring in case they fall as they go about their lives. Connected wearable devices can detect sudden movement or impact, and cameras can mesh with AI to analyze behavior patterns. You’ll be able to respond to accidents quickly while still giving your patients their independence.


Medication compliance

Patients may not always use their medication as directed – including prescribed dosage amounts and timing. Monitoring solutions such as “smart” pill bottles, connected medication dispensers, and ingestible sensors can lead to increased patient safety, quicker response to under or over-medicating, and lower costs.


Cold storage monitoring

Keep the chill in your cold storage. Temperature monitoring solutions provide continuous information about the status of refrigerators and freezers and issue alerts when a unit fails or temperatures are outside of acceptable ranges. Everything from vaccines to human tissue rely on consistent temperature to stay viable. We can provide data for compliance reporting, historical information to drive future buying decisions, and real-time temperature data that you can access from anywhere.