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Precision agriculture yields bountiful results.

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The future of Ag Tech.

Technology and nature may seem like an odd combination. From livestock to crops, there’s room in the fields for automation and technology to thrive, and we have the tools to get you where you want to be.

What can our smart solutions do for you?

Whether you’re making the product, distributing the product, reselling the product, or providing maintenance for the product, we can help you increase your revenue, decrease your costs and learn new insights about your customers. With detailed, real-time reporting, alerts, and a central service for all your connected devices across your entire network, you’ll know exactly where your products and equipment are, how they’re performing, and when they need service (before your customer tells you). All in one place and in real-time. We can reduce your service costs, allow you to better manage your customers’ needs, and create new products/services to develop new revenue streams for your business.


Asset Tracking & Preventative Maintenance

Location tracking is no longer just for wayward luggage and car keys. Even tractors should be tracked. Along with every other piece of farm machinery, large or small. We can help monitor the location of all of the equipment for every farm and ranch your customer manages, right from their phone, tablet, or computer. We’ll also immediately send an alert when assets aren’t where they’re supposed to be or if they need maintenance (before they break). That way, farmers and ranchers can focus on their crops and animals instead of constantly worrying about the status of their equipment.


Soil monitoring

Do your customers need crop growth without the growing pains? We can help keep costs low and profits high by monitoring the water sources, levels, uses, and resulting wastewater at any farm or ranch, large or small. We’ll also monitor the weed growth, hydration levels, nutrient excesses and deficiencies, acidity, salinity, and overall health of crops and fields in real time. We can send alerts when crops need attention, when stock tanks run low or overflow, and when there are leaks or faults in an irrigation system. Your customer can even control the water pumps and valves remotely, automatically, and on-demand from a phone, tablet, or computer.


Livestock monitoring

Sometimes the cows (or llamas) roam a little too far from home. They’re also notorious for hiding their illnesses. We can keep track of any type of livestock with remote monitoring of each animal’s location, as well as vital signs like body temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate all in one place right on a computer or phone. Your customers will be able to see the entire herd at-a-glance no matter where they are.


Bin and tank-level monitoring

Every farm and ranch has a ton of equipment and storage to manage. Let us handle the bulk of it for your customer. With automated level monitoring of fuel, grain, carrots, or whatever else is in those tanks and bins, we can track consumption and ensure timely replenishment. We also have a packaged, ready-to-deploy integrated water wanagement solution that incorporates intelligence about all sources, uses, and resulting wastewater to help keep watering costs low and their business running smoothly.


Rodent Control

They might be furry and cute (sort of), but pests are a real problem for farmers and ranchers. And barn cats can only catch so many. We can help control rats, mice, and other rodents without the use of poisons or anyone having to touch them after the fact. The traps can also send an alert when they need to be emptied instead of someone having to manually check them. That helps reduce your customer’s labor needs and, let’s face it, the ickiness that is traditional rodent control.


Weather Forecasting

Watching the Weather Channel to see what’s coming is great. When you live next door to the nearest airport, that is. Wouldn’t it be better to know the forecast for a farm or ranch instead of the next town over? We can give real-time, hyperlocal weather forecasts specifically for any farm or ranch, regardless of the size. And, we can send alerts about inclement weather and potential storm damage no matter where you are. That allows your customers to make decisions about crops and livestock in advance of coming weather instead of as (or after) it happens.


Quality Control

Just as no two snowflakes are exactly alike, each piece of produce is a unique individual. However, in order to make it to market, farmers need consistency in their harvest. We use sensors to alert your customers to changes in the shape, size, humidity, and temperature of any part of their land. Whether it’s that garden being nibbled on by fuzzy bunnies or soil erosion near a pond, we can let them know when there’s an issue before it becomes a problem. And when it’s harvest time, we’ll use computer vision to sort and grade their products based on color, shape, size, and more instead of someone having to sort them all by hand. That saves time, money, and hassle for your customers.


Greenhouse Monitoring

Greenhouses make it easier to grow crops in inhospitable climates. But, that doesn’t mean growing those crops is easy. Spraying, irrigation, lighting, temperature, humidity, air flow, nutrient delivery and more can now be scheduled in a greenhouse remotely from anywhere in the world. We’ll also automatically optimize the humidity, temperature, lighting, and soil conditions in real-time as conditions change. It can rain on demand inside a greenhouse even while your customers are away.