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Smart cities lead the world.

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On the road to improved quality of life.

Let your city tell you exactly what it needs in real-time. With early warnings about water system problems, dangerous road conditions, and plummeting air quality levels, you’ll have the information you need to respond to issues immediately instead of after the next city council meeting.

What can our smart solutions do for you?

Whether you’re making the product, distributing the product, reselling the product, or providing maintenance for the product, we can help you increase your revenue, decrease your costs and learn new insights about your customers. With detailed, real-time reporting, alerts, and a central service for all your connected devices across your entire network, you’ll know exactly where your products and equipment are, how they’re performing, and when they need service (before your customer tells you). All in one place and in real-time. We can reduce your service costs, allow you to better manage your customers’ needs, and create new products/services to develop new revenue streams for your business.


Predictive maintenance

Keep those cars on the road instead of in the repair shop. Vehicle and equipment maintenance makes managing a city budget difficult due to unexpected repairs. Our predictive solutions monitor sound, temperature, utilization, and vibration for increased performance and improved product quality, and will alert you when maintenance is needed. You’ll save money by being able to more accurately predict when fleet maintenance will be required.


Sanitary sewer monitoring

Keep the flow flowing. Proper flow control in the sewers and storm drains is essential for the health (not to mention the olfactory senses) of your residents. We can alert you to leaks and potential overflow events long before they become a much bigger problem. We’ll also overlay the sensors on a city map to show you any issues at a glance, and you can receive alerts on your computer or phone so that you can get everything handled right away.


Asset tracking

It’s time to stop playing “Where’s Waldo?” with your city’s assets. Take the guesswork out of managing all of the portable equipment that your city uses every single day. With low-cost, reliable tracking, you can easily see just where all of your vehicles, mechanical equipment, tablets, and even your personnel are in real-time. You’ll be able to tell where they are, how they got there, and how long they stay in one place. And, the best part is that you can see that information anywhere, any time.

Mal holding tablet in front of machine fleet


Structural monitoring

Structures here, structures there, structures everywhere. From city buildings, to bridges, to parking garages, to hospitals, and public parks, cities are responsible for the care and repair of all kinds of places. Round-the-clock automatic monitoring of potential problems including damage, humidity, temperature, soil saturation, and more helps you respond quickly to any problem that comes up in any of your many places. And, in the event of a disaster, you’ll know exactly what needs to be fixed immediately.


Smart lighting

Shine a light on your city. Our Smart lighting will help you lower energy costs, increase automation, and improve safety city-wide. Using environmental triggers (daylight, occupancy, etc.) puts the light you need, where you need it. You’ll have complete visibility and control of every light that the city owns. You’ll also receive real-time alerts for failures, and precise control of lighting configurations which gives you a better view into loss prevention and and enables quicker problem responses.