The Han to Our Chewie?

We’re both good Solo. But together, we’re out of this galaxy.

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This page will help you learn if we’re the right co-pilot for your mission.

Find your fix.

Sure, we're tech wizards ready to tackle challenges across all industries – but let’s get specific about how we can supercharge your operation. When we say "equipment" in the list below, we mean anything from small gadgets like tablets or air purifiers to big stuff like agricultural machines or factory robotics. If it’s a machine, device, or equipment, we’ve got the IoT magic to make it smarter. Find your situation below, click on it, and see what we can do for you.

Your company makes equipment
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We could work with your company to add new features and smart capabilities to your products, creating new revenue streams and a competitive edge in your industry by developing custom IoT applications in a fraction of the time it takes other firms.

Your company rents out equipment to others
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We could work with your company to co-create real-time remote monitoring solutions for every machine you own. In addition to basic asset tracking, we would alert your company about machine abuse and maintenance needs and allow your service team to access the machine remotely. Our primary value proposition to rental companies like yours is significant cost savings.

Your company resells equipment

If you are like a lot of our reseller customers, you may assume you can’t offer IoT solutions to customers because you might sell machines from various manufacturers. However, we can integrate all machines you sell into one unified, private-labeled app, creating new recurring revenue streams on a subscription basis for your company.

Your company sends out humans to service equipment on location

Service companies like yours save money using our remote monitoring system. This would alert you only when human intervention is needed, avoiding unnecessary technician visits and truck rolls.

Your company has a call center that supports equipment

We would provide your call center remote access to your customers’ equipment, reducing call time and truck rolls, as well as increasing customer satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth for your company.

Your company has a service you provide that depends on equipment
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For your company, our goal is to help you establish a more reliable delivery system by alerting you to potential issues before they result in breakdowns and revenue loss. Additionally, we assist you in maintaining a historical log of equipment usage and abuse, enabling you to predict and prevent unscheduled downtime.

Your company has a service you provide that depends on equipment
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We bring IoT expertise across industries, offering game-changing recommendations and a solid game plan. With our Prism software suite and technical know-how, we’ll fast-track your product upgrade, adding more features than you dreamed possible. Partner with us for an unfair competitive edge and next-level success.

Your company is a technology company that wishes to speed up or enhance your product roadmap
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Your company may be a tech company that would leverage our expertise for your IoT projects. For instance, we’ve helped one client accelerate the development of their smart air purifier, reducing the roadmap from 18 months to 3 months and adding numerous new features that would have been in a later release otherwise. We specialize in fast-tracking technology projects for tech companies like yours.

You have an idea and funding but are looking for an IoT partner to execute
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You might be an entrepreneur with funding and sales expertise but need help choosing an IoT partner. We often help startups like yours launch, sometimes as equity partners. We start by understanding your vision, offering enhancement ideas, creating the V1 roadmap, and then getting to work with precision and speed at the top of the priority list.

Pay As You Grow

In the fast-paced world of IoT, time is money, and we save you buckets of both. With our revolutionary platform, Prism, we fast-track your custom IoT solutions from dream to done – at less than a quarter of the usual upfront cost. Our secret sauce? You flourish first, then pay as you grow. We’re not just in it for the quick buck – we profit when you prosper.

Making Sense of Success

Success isn’t just about great ideas; it’s about numbers that make sense. Here’s what we look for before diving in:


A Rock-Solid Distribution Model.

Whether you already have a large install base that’s prime for an upgrade, you’re moving a ton of units a month without smart capabilities today, or you have a killer plan to market your next big thing, we need to trust in your ability to sell. Because, let’s face it, we’re in this together, and our success is mutual.

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High Adoption, High Hopes

Can you forecast a healthy uptick? Maybe you can clearly see that a significant portion of your existing users are ready to upgrade. Tell us about the expected percentage of your current users and the percentage of newcomers who’ll embrace the new capabilities or product. The numbers need to promise enough customers to turn the wheels for us both.


Market Magic

Market size is key. If you can see a market opportunity and know enough of your customers are likely to agree, we’re all set to roll.

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Once the math adds up, showing us both a clear path to profit, we streamline contracts and race toward launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Using Prism, our ace IoT Software Development Platform, we slash development time to less than a third of what others take. Spot an opportunity? We’re on it, fast and focused.

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Integrity: Our Non-Negotiable

Sure, the numbers need to dazzle, but there’s a catch—we’re picky about our partners. No amount of potential profit will sway us to side with difficult clients. Here’s who makes the cut:

People We Dig, Who Dig Us: It’s simple. We vibe best with clients who not only excel in their fields but also gel with us. Mutual respect? Non-negotiable.

Collaboration Over Competition: You’re the master of your domain, we’re the wizards of ours. When we team up, it’s a collaboration of passion, innovation, and trust – not a battleground.

Unwavering Integrity: We’re talking the whole shebang – complete, thorough, and undivided dedication to integrity in every action. Sure, honesty is a given. But when we say integrity, we mean sticking together and aiming for comprehensive excellence in everything we do. And we expect the same from you.

In It for the Long Haul: Software development isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. We don’t just throw together a team for version 1.0 and leave you hanging with the inevitable fixes, updates, and enhancements. We are committed to being your long-term software partner, with team continuity, so we can spend time improving your solution, not relearning it every time a new developer comes on board. Say goodbye to the typical development team’s hit-and-run approach and hello to seamless evolution.

Bottom line? We chase mutually beneficial projects with partners who are all-in (just like us) fostering a relationship where both sides win, always aligned toward shared goals.

Explore Your Sector

Are you curious if your industry fits the bill? Chances are, it does. While the list below showcases the sectors we frequently energize with IoT solutions, remember this is just the tip of the iceberg. Our capabilities constantly expand into new areas as innovative clients bring us unique challenges.

No matter your field, there’s an IoT solution waiting to launch your operations into a new stratosphere of efficiency and innovation. Don't see your industry listed? Challenge us! We’re always eager to explore new territories.