The only thing it can’t do is be difficult.

Prism™ Core consolidates power to simplify development.

Prism Core

Extreme speed is no longer a risky affair.

Core is the server-side portion of the Prism suite and our IoT application developers’ best friend. Combining a secure microservice architecture that provides unlimited scalability in a JavaScript-based “functions as a service” environment, Core allows our developers to do what they do best. Develop. Instead of wasting their time worrying about or tinkering with the underlying platform. Which frees them from frustration, saves them time, and ultimately saves you money.

All of Core’s microservices can access a deep library of IoT functions, including third-party services that we’ve pre-integrated for maximum value. The result? Scripts stay compact and debugging is swift – both during our development and throughout your application’s lifecycle.

Core can also be extended through additional third-party modules, or with custom code written in JavaScript, as well as Rust, C, C++ and other WebAssembly-supported languages.

In other words, you get more reliable, powerful applications in less time with less risk.

For those who dislike prose, we offer these important points:

Secure, Scalable, Reliable

Rapid application development environment, optimized for IoT

Application logic runs as JavaScript microservices

Deployable on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge

Easy integrated API support (client and server)

Rich library of IoT functions and services (kind of like jQuery® for IoT)

Long list of pre-integrated third-party services

Easily extended with third-party modules and custom code

Speeds and simplifies application testing & long-term maintenance