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Welcome to ObjectSpectrum

Where we turn IoT dreams into reality. We're not being hyperbolic when we say that we're unique. Our business model and our not-so-secret weapon, Prism, ensure we deliver unparalleled IoT solutions in record time and with minimal risk. Dive in to see why we're the perfect partner for your IoT initiative.

The Ultimate IoT Game-Changer

In 2015, our founder had an epiphany: most IoT software solutions share a lot of common ground. Enter his groundbreaking invention, Prism. Our not-so-secret weapon. Think of it as a modular library, allowing us to avoid rewriting the same code repeatedly. It’s like modular building blocks for IoT projects: plug and play.


Imagine a leak detection module from one project being instantly available for all future projects. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, or in this case, rewrite the code. This concept extends to everything IoT-related: sensors, connectivity, notifications, platforms – you name it. With our extensive experience, we can confidently say that 70% of your solution is already built into Prism before we even kick off your project.


Prism ensures rapid deployment, reduced risk, and a rich library of services and templates. It’s compatible with server, edge, and browser environments and offers hosted SaaS deployment with on-premises options. This is why we can turn your IoT vision into reality faster and more cost-effectively than anyone else, anywhere else.

Promises Delivered with Precision

What does Prism allow us to do for you? Let’s break it down:

We’re faster.

Most of the code you need is already written; we simply customize your solution using our powerful Prism software suite.

We’re more reliable.

Our software is already out there, doing its job and being tested in the real world daily.

We’re low-risk.

Our financial model requires only a modest fee upfront, with the rest being pay-as-you-grow.

We’re worry-free.

Prism creates secure, scalable, and easy-to-maintain solutions because it was created with a focus on all three.

We’re with you every step of the way.

We view our clients as partners, providing direct access to our relentless problem-solvers.

With Prism, these aren’t just promises—they’re guarantees.

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pay as you grow

Our business model

Or, “how we make money.”

If you’ve read our website, you know that we deliver custom IoT solutions in a fraction of the time compared to others. We’ve also explained that our upfront development fee is substantially lower. Which might make you might wonder, “How do you guys make money?”

The answer is simple: we only make money if you do. We share the risk, whether it comes from new revenue or increased profit added to your bottom line. You pay as you grow, and our interests are aligned.

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