Our IoT Playbook.

Less huddles, more touchdowns.

This page will give you a high-level overview of what we do for our clients.

Your IoT Journey at Warp Speed

We are a team of custom IoT solution developers committed to accelerating your journey from concept to reality through our software suite, Prism™.  Along with our innovative business model, we can take you from idea to implementation in under a third of the time and for less than a quarter of the up-front cost as other development firms. We are one of the few IoT-focused software development firms in North America, and we take pride in having 100% of our software development team in the US, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand.

We invite you to explore our client stories and other IoT examples. These real-world examples showcase our expertise and what we can accomplish.

IoT Solution Design, Development, and Deployment

We exist to de-risk innovation.

In the past, complex software development projects have been fraught with numerous risks, ranging from high costs and distractions to your organization to cumbersome processes and extended timelines. If you’re responsible for selecting a technology partner for an IoT project at your company, the stakes are high. With Prism, most of the necessary code is already available, and our pay-as-you-grow model mitigates the risks associated with your initiative.

We are collaborative by design.

Our process fosters an early shared understanding of your business needs and encourages constant two-way feedback. As your trusted ally, we collaborate with you to develop, deploy, and manage cloud-scale IoT solutions using best-in-class technology, ensuring security, reliability, and a quick time to market. In other words, we leverage the latest technology to transform your business.

You Know It. We Build It.

You bring the industry expertise, and we bring the IoT expertise. We take what we know is possible and combine it with your insights into your business to uncover opportunities. When we collaborate with you to brainstorm, our goal is to help you assess if your project makes business sense before delving into its technical feasibility.

Seamless Operations, Guaranteed.

While some customers prefer to manage 24/7 operations independently, not all have the interest, desire, or resources. We can support that model for those who do, but for most of our customers, we handle operations to ensure 99.99% SLA-backed uptime for your applications. This allows you to concentrate on growing and running your business.

Two short animations are worth a thousand words. Part 1 explains what exactly IoT is and part 2 tells you how we're unique.

Everyone who watches these videos ends up saying something along the lines of, “Oh! Now I get what you guys do!” If you’d like to have the same kind of epiphany, please do watch. They’re both less than 200 seconds each. And hilarious.