We create game-changing advantages for your business.

We are custom IoT solution developers built to de-risk innovation. Our business model combined with our software suite, Prism™, propels you from idea to implementation in under a third of the time - and for less than a quarter of the up-front cost.


The Fastest Path

We know you’re busy. Here are the three steps to understand us in under 15 minutes:

Silhouette of two men at an electricity station
1. Read the What We Do Page

Get a high-level overview of our services and watch our two short, entertaining videos (each less than 200 seconds) that explain IoT and what makes us unique.

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Engineer male using VR virtual reality technology in modern ware
2. Read the Our Customers Page

Discover detailed scenarios and examples of how we've helped other companies. This page also outlines the criteria we require before engaging with a client, serving as an essential auto-filter to ensure you’re a fit for our solutions.

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a engineer using a digital tablet on a construction site.
3. Read the Why ObjectSpectrum Page

Learn what differentiates us from the competition and why we’re the perfect partner for your IoT project. Understand our unique business model and our game-changing Prism software suite.

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Are we a potential fit?

The majority of our clients’ lives revolve around equipment and machinery. While we work with some of the largest companies in the world, we also provide the quickest and lowest risk path for smaller companies to compete against their bigger rivals. No longer are IoT projects only for those companies with the deepest pockets. We democratize IoT. We’ll say it again: we exist to de-risk innovation.

Who we do it for

Why we’re unique...

We’re faster.

Most of the code you need is already written; we simply customize your solution using our powerful Prism software suite.

We’re more reliable.

Our software is already out there, doing its job and being tested daily.

We’re low-risk.

Our financial model requires only a modest fee upfront, with the rest being pay-as-you-grow.

We’re worry-free.

Prism creates secure, scalable, and easy-to-maintain solutions because it was created with a  focus on all three.

We’re with you every step of the way.

We view our clients as partners, providing direct access to our relentless problem-solvers.

Here’s the proof.

Our clients have counted on us to deliver their IoT solutions since 2016. Here are some of their stories.

Pipeline faucet, pipe and valve for natural gas, close up, Industrial steel piping system. 3d

Commercial Plumbing Solution


A successful commercial plumbing firm that specializes in the high-rise residential space wanted to add…

Texas University Campus

University LoRaWAN Network

University of Texas at Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas is a research-oriented university with 32,000 students. Their campus…

A row of white chemical tanks monitored by IoT.

After-market Tank Level Monitoring

Simon Innovations

Simon Innovations offers after-market, on-tank level monitoring of pesticide and fertilizer tanks and sprayers used…

OEM Tank Level Monitoring


A large tank manufacturing company wanted to create a monitoring system for their tanks before…

Data Analyzation and Visualization

Instant Recall

InstantRecall provides the primary food recall system for restaurants in the United States.

Livestock Tracking and Monitoring


This is an agricultural company that provides a way for ranchers to track individual cattle…

In the backdrop of a stunning sky, a tractor is seen spraying wa

Regional LoRaWAN Network


Business Opportunity In 2016, a leading provider of electrical products to the agricultural industry was…

Two coal mine engineers with protective helmets standing on a hu

Equipment Monitoring

AssetWatch Inc.

Business Opportunity AssetWatch is a leading solution provider of end-to-end condition monitoring and predictive failure…