Author: Andy Slote

Managing Updates on Large Fleets of Remote Devices

by Andy Slote - Dec 01 2023

The world of device management presents many challenges depending on a long list of factors to consider. When managing firmware, software, and configuration changes for devices in the field, successful…

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Amazon Sidewalk

by Andy Slote - Nov 01 2023

Implementers of the Internet of Things have many choices at each level of the technology stack. One of the most significant is connectivity. Analysis of the use case, venue, distance…

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IoT and the Sustainable Building

by Andy Slote - Oct 01 2023

Sustainable buildings strive to reduce environmental impact, improve cost efficiency, and create occupant-friendly climates.

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Soil Moisture Management

by Andy Slote - Aug 01 2023

One of the application areas for agricultural IoT involves placing devices in the soil to detect moisture and using this information to drive more effective use of water.

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The Role of IoT in ESG

by Andy Slote - Jun 01 2023

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is a hot topic lately, trending in discussions about the changing world, including how we attempt to manage the negative aspects and influence future…

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Predictive Analytics for Vehicle Fleets

by Andy Slote - Apr 01 2023

Economies depend on fleets of vehicles supporting virtually every product or service out there. These vehicles are a significant expense as they rack up hours of use, requiring maintenance to…

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Applying Overall Equipment Effectiveness to Manufacturing

by Andy Slote - Feb 01 2023

Companies often use “Overall Equipment Effectiveness” (OEE) as a factory metric to measure how effectively a manufacturing process runs.

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Office Indoor Air Quality

by Andy Slote - Nov 01 2022

We usually assume the air quality in an office environment is at least acceptable. Still, with many indoor spaces, there is often no monitoring for unacceptable conditions or the presence…

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When Does Tracking Low-Value Assets Make Sense?

by Andy Slote - Sep 01 2022

As the price of a tracker or tag approaches an asset’s value, the decision may seem obvious–we’ll do our best to keep tabs on it and replace it if it’s lost. But there are other considerations when doing a cost/benefit analysis.

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People Tracking

by Andy Slote - Jul 01 2022

One of the many applications where the Internet of Things delivers significant value is “people tracking,” which primarily refers to monitoring a physical persona rather than a digital one in…

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