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People Tracking

by Andy Slote - Jul 01 2022

One of the many applications where the Internet of Things delivers significant value is “people tracking,” which primarily refers to monitoring a physical persona rather than a digital one in…

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The Public Perception of IoT

by Richard Gate - Feb 01 2022

This blog post came about as the result of a question to my wife. To be fair to her, she has never had any involvement in IT, so the answer…

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What is the Internet of Things? (A personal view)

by Richard Gate - Jan 01 2022

This is a personal view of the Internet of Things (IoT) which may not be shared by others, but is my experience of how IoT has developed over the last…

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What is “the Edge”?

by Andy Slote - Nov 01 2021

One of the trending topics in the technology world today is the concept of “the Edge,” but does it mean the same thing to everyone? Varying descriptions imply this term…

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Low-Code Platforms

by Andy Slote - Oct 01 2021

There is much recent attention to low-code software platforms. A deficit of programmers is a catalyst for some of these ventures in addition to potential benefits of lower solution development…

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What is an IoT Platform?

by Andy Slote - Apr 01 2021

In the tech world, the word “platform” is everywhere. It’s so common; in fact, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see consistency in use and context. The dictionary definitions of the…

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by Andy Slote - Feb 01 2021

Sensors may be “at the heart” of the Internet of Things fundamentally. But, in practice, they are usually detecting events or changes in the physical environment in remote locations (“the…

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IoT Device Design Skill Sets

by Andy Slote - Nov 01 2020

When starting a company or introducing a new product in the Internet of Things space, beginning with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is advisable. When the offering includes hardware, consider…

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Why IoT Projects Fail

by Andy Slote - Aug 01 2020

Statistics on organizations reporting their progress implementing the Internet of Things show numbers as high as 80 percent where results significantly miss expectations. Industry articles describe the most common reasons…

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Security Concepts

by Andy Slote - Apr 01 2020

Stories about security breaches involving Internet of Things implementations hit the news periodically, usually when the impact is significant enough to attract media attention or when the reason for the…

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