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Can ObjectSpectrum integrate with public wireless networks?

Yes, including everything from cellular carriers to public LPWAN providers. We are already pre-integrated with all of the major carriers in this space (like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Public LPWANs, different regional LoRaWAN providers, etc).

Is a cloud service always required for an IoT application?

No. There are cases where there is a cloud connection, but the cloud connection is primarily there to collect data for analysis, and the function for the application that it is performing is completely local. That might mean that the application is running entirely on the phone, or it might mean that there’s some local process, computer, or device that’s actually running the application, so it doesn’t need the cloud to operate. It can connect to the cloud if the cloud is available, but it doesn’t rely on the cloud to operate and do its job. It’s an application that can run self-contained if it doesn’t have connectivity to the cloud.

Locating & tracking assets is important to my business. Can ObjectSpectrum provide this capability?

Yes. When you talk about asset tracking, that’s a very generic term. One of the built-in capabilities of Prism is the underlying building blocks of asset tracking, which includes things like GPS coordinated math and mapping, visualizations, geofencing logic, etc. But the advantage of using Prism and ObjectSpectrum comes when you get past the basic idea of GPS locating and asset tracking. This is where your specific needs come into play – what exactly are you tracking? Is it outdoors, is it indoors, is it something that needs to go anywhere in the world? Is it something that only moves around in a campus or a factory? Are you keeping track of more than just its location? Do you want to know information from other sensor inputs on it with data that needs to be tracked and reported? When you get into the specifics of an asset tracking application, that’s usually where we have a big advantage that we can bring to the table, because we are certainly more than just an asset tracking solution.

What web browsers and mobile devices does ObjectSpectrum support?

All modern browsers and mobile devices. 

What wireless standard is best?

Well, “best” for your solution is different than “best” for someone else’s. And ObjectSpectrum is not tied to any particular wireless or connectivity standard of any kind. We regularly use a number of different technologies, and that is part of the Design Phase of any solution – to determine what the right technologies are for a given solution. Of course, that’s true no matter what technology we’re talking about (not just the wireless standard). Tracking ships at sea will necessitate a very different wireless technology than something that needs to keep track of pallets in a warehouse. It just depends, but we are not tied to any particular technology.

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