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The Humble QR Code as an IoT Device

by Andy Slote - May 01 2024

QR codes are everywhere. From signs in retail stores to Super Bowl commercials, it seems like everyone wants you to scan a code. But are those codes considered IoT devices?…

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Manufacturing – The Smart Connected Motor

by Andy Slote - Apr 01 2024

When describing the potential benefits of an Industrial Internet of Things solution, we can begin at the basic level of sensor implementation and then discuss how the impact grows as…

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Using IoT for Feature Validation

by Andy Slote - Mar 01 2024

As the Internet of Things becomes more prevalent, every aspect of a connected thing is potentially monitorable for performance, predictive maintenance, failure, etc. Another sometimes overlooked element of this capability,…

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IoT for Worker Safety

by Andy Slote - Feb 01 2024

The quest for worker safety never ends, particularly in industrial settings, and it’s one of the most important parts of any company’s safety plan. Regulation drives many of the safeguards,…

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Why Are There So Many Wireless Technologies?

by Andy Slote - Jan 02 2024

Why are there so many wireless technologies? In a word, necessity.

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Managing Updates on Large Fleets of Remote Devices

by Andy Slote - Dec 01 2023

The world of device management presents many challenges depending on a long list of factors to consider. When managing firmware, software, and configuration changes for devices in the field, successful…

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Amazon Sidewalk

by Andy Slote - Nov 01 2023

Implementers of the Internet of Things have many choices at each level of the technology stack. One of the most significant is connectivity. Analysis of the use case, venue, distance…

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IoT and the Sustainable Building

by Andy Slote - Oct 01 2023

Sustainable buildings strive to reduce environmental impact, improve cost efficiency, and create occupant-friendly climates.

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The Human Machine Interface – Part Four

by Richard Gate - Sep 01 2023

HMI – Human Machine Interface, the link between machines and their human users. In Part Four of this series (you can check out Part One, Part Two, and Part Three…

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Soil Moisture Management

by Andy Slote - Aug 01 2023

One of the application areas for agricultural IoT involves placing devices in the soil to detect moisture and using this information to drive more effective use of water.

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