Category: Use Cases

Manufacturing – The Smart Connected Motor

by Andy Slote - Apr 01 2024

When describing the potential benefits of an Industrial Internet of Things solution, we can begin at the basic level of sensor implementation and then discuss how the impact grows as…

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IoT for Worker Safety

by Andy Slote - Feb 01 2024

The quest for worker safety never ends, particularly in industrial settings, and it’s one of the most important parts of any company’s safety plan. Regulation drives many of the safeguards,…

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When Does Tracking Low-Value Assets Make Sense?

by Andy Slote - Sep 01 2022

As the price of a tracker or tag approaches an asset’s value, the decision may seem obvious–we’ll do our best to keep tabs on it and replace it if it’s lost. But there are other considerations when doing a cost/benefit analysis.

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Autonomous Vehicle Risks

by Andy Slote - Sep 01 2021

When I was a junior-high age kid living in rural New England, some kids in my neighborhood came up with a plan to lessen the boredom of a summer evening….

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Machine Vision for Manufacturing

by Andy Slote - Mar 01 2021

For manufacturing, the Internet of Things promises to improve the performance of many aspects of the process of creating products. A concept known as Machine Vision (MV) can contribute by…

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Structural Health Monitoring

by Andy Slote - Dec 01 2020

When structures built by humans experience issues affecting their integrity, early detection and remediation can improve safety, reduce financial impact, and increase useful life.  Singular events like hurricanes, earthquakes, and…

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