Are solutions developed by ObjectSpectrum GDPR and CCPA compliant?

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Yes. We are well-versed with both of those regulations. Specific details of compliance are often dependent on the nature of the application, but if your application needs to operate within those regulations, we have experience developing applications that do. If you give us a set of requirements that are not GDPR or CCPA compliant, and you’re okay with that, we’ll implement it that way. We’re not forcing you to be compliant. But if it’s necessary for you, we can and will accommodate that for you. We are not implying that we have some sort of “GDPR button” that we push and then we’re done. It requires custom work to make sure the application is compliant – there are fundamental things we have to take into account when designing an application – but we have done that and will do that when required. If you don’t take them into account and you don’t understand what you need to do to meet those requirements, then it can be very expensive to retrofit it later. If you do understand it and you want to be compliant, then we have the expertise. We know what to do to build it into the application from the ground-up.

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