Does ObjectSpectrum develop mobile applications, or just cloud and web-based applications?

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Well, it depends on the requirements of the project, but the overall answer is yes. They typically fall into two categories: 1) Progressive Web Application (PWA) – a web-based application that is designed to run on a phone. In some cases, this is the best solution for “mobile”. 2) A Native Application (for Android and iPhone) – this is a mobile application, proper. If a native application is required, we have that capability as well. When people think of a mobile app, they’re usually thinking of an app they can download from the App Store. But that might not always be the right answer.

Apps that run through the App Store require quite a bit of specialized programming, and the approval process can be time-consuming. If you need that, we can absolutely do that for you. If you’re not sure, we can show you the options and help you decide. Our modus operandi is not to immediately say yes just for the sake of the sale. We want to understand exactly what your business needs before we jump into development.

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