Does ObjectSpectrum ever work alongside another company to create a solution?

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There absolutely are times where there are two or three companies working very closely together. This is different than when we have a point solution where we bring in outside companies with some specific expertise. This is where someone says, as an example, “I’ve already picked out my hardware design firm and they’re already halfway down the path of building the device. We need you, ObjectSpectrum, to come in and build the software and make sure the integration is going to work.” Then we are working alongside an outside company, but that’s because that is what the situation called for. So, yes. Sometimes we do, and yes – we are always open to this when that’s what is needed. And the same is true for UI stuff – where a customer was already working with a design firm that they already used for their corporate identity and they asked, “Hey, we want you to work with our design firm because they’re going to design the wireframes and do all the graphics and do all the assets – could you work with them to incorporate what they do into our solution?” and of course the answer to that is also “yes.”

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