Does ObjectSpectrum work with other design, development, or engineering companies or do we do everything in-house?

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Yes, we work with other companies when the situation calls for it. One of the benefits of working with ObjectSpectrum is that we have relationships with a large number of outside companies that we’ve worked with before that have specific expertise. We know who to go to when we’re dealing with a particular thing for which we need expertise. If we need somebody on the hardware side to design a specialized antenna, we know who to go to that is an expert in antennas. If we need a graphic product logo, we know just the designer to do that.  These are just resources in our Rolodex® that we have experience working with and, given all of the details of a project, we will look at those things that we know are going to be beneficial for the customer to bring in people from the outside who have specific domain expertise on certain aspects of that project.

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