How does ObjectSpectrum protect my data?

Security Questions

There are a few different areas to protect:

  • Access Control/Authentication – who or what has access to that data. Depending on the specific requirements of a particular solution, that might be anything from password protection to using some type of two-factor authentication to using secure certificates for third-party API integrations. But regardless of the method that you use, to be able to authenticate the user or the third-party that wants access to the data and then make sure that – based on their authentication – they only have access to the data that they’re allowed to have access to. Who has access and how do we authenticate that they are who they say they are.
  • Industry-Standard Encryption – we use industry standard encryption wherever it is possible to do so, for both data at rest (data we’re storing in a DB) and data in transit (being transmitted somehow – over the internet, over the air, etc.). So, that includes things like using TLS (transport layer security, which is what browsers use for banking-grade secure connections) and AES encryption that is used on both live data in the database and for backup data.
  • Segregation of Data – in our shared-tenant hosting infrastructure, where we have multiple applications and customers all running within the same physical infrastructure, the architecture of Prism is such that all code and all data that is related to a specific application, and even a specific customer instance of that application, is completely isolated from all other data. That is built-in to the architecture of Prism, specifically for this purpose.
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