How is IoT different from telemetry or M2M (machine-to-machine)?

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See “what is IoT?” But in a sentence, it is different because it is the beneficiary of the proliferation of mobile devices, etc. and it has driven the price down and the accessibility up. And that’s why it’s a revolution now.

And by the way, when the internet became public knowledge – the vast majority of people had not heard of the internet until 1993 – but it existed since 1969. The point is that the ability to do remote monitoring has existed for decades. The ability for it to be accessible – both from a cost and widespread used of technology – that’s the revolution. The inflection point in the nineties of what made the internet what it is today, was a culmination of different trends that – over the years – had made it more accessible. Between 1969 and 1993, it was used primarily by the government and the military because they were the only ones who could afford it and by universities who were funded to advance it. So we’re seeing the same kind of thing happen here with IoT, which many companies/industries – particularly large companies/industries have been using different kinds of telemetry technology for decades, but until IoT, it really hasn’t been accessible to the masses. 

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