Is Prism a “no-code” development environment?

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Prism – if you look at it in its three different parts – Edge, Core and View: Edge and Core are regular, typical software development environments. They’re not intended to be no-code, they’re intended to be used by an experienced software developer. The language that we use is JavaScript (because it is a common and accessible language), so if you’re using Core and Edge, you are writing JavaScript code (so not “no code”). In the case of View, the target user is an experienced UI/UX designer. There is no code in View (so technically “no code”, because View is declarative); instead, there are industry standard technologies that are well known by experienced UI/UX people (things like CSS, SVG, JSON, HTML, etc). To summarize, the different environments – Edge and Core are targeted at an experienced software developer with skills in JavaScript and View is targeted at an experienced UI/UX person with those skills.

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