Locating & tracking assets is important to my business. Can ObjectSpectrum provide this capability?


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Yes. When you talk about asset tracking, that’s a very generic term. One of the built-in capabilities of Prism is the underlying building blocks of asset tracking, which includes things like GPS coordinated math and mapping, visualizations, geofencing logic, etc. But the advantage of using Prism and ObjectSpectrum comes when you get past the basic idea of GPS locating and asset tracking. This is where your specific needs come into play – what exactly are you tracking? Is it outdoors, is it indoors, is it something that needs to go anywhere in the world? Is it something that only moves around in a campus or a factory? Are you keeping track of more than just its location? Do you want to know information from other sensor inputs on it with data that needs to be tracked and reported? When you get into the specifics of an asset tracking application, that’s usually where we have a big advantage that we can bring to the table, because we are certainly more than just an asset tracking solution.

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