What is a “message broker,” like MQTT or AMQP?

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A message broker is a piece of software and the infrastructure that it runs on whose job it is to receive and distribute messages. These messages are data packets, data messages that are being sent – usually from devices, when in the context of IoT, to the cloud application and/or from the cloud application back out to the devices. So, the message brokers are very high performance, very good at handling very high volumes of messages, they handle all of the details when it comes to ensuring delivery of a message, retrying that message, and in some cases distributing one message to several different destinations. While there are many different message brokers, including some that are proprietary and offered as third-party services, MQTT is probably the most commonly used message broker within IoT. We use MQTT as well as several other brokers, depending on the needs of the application. 

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