What is an “application template”?

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Templates are basically pre-built modules that are largely complete, but still allow for significant customizations. This is one of the ways we can speed up development of applications. If your application needs user management or device management or needs a visualization that involves markers on a map – those are templates that we have already built, having already done 80% of the work for that function. And then from there, we can incorporate it into your application and customize it for your specific requirements.

Templates are also a secret weapon for us, in the sense that they’re not shrink-wrapped modules that can’t be customized or modified to a particular application need, they’re almost like the structure and the components and the building blocks that have all been pre-integrated together for the common kinds of functionality. So it means that we can very quickly and take one of those templates and use as the starting point for that functionality, while still allowing for a high degree of customization to make it work for the needs of a specific application.

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