What is “cloudless IoT?”

Concepts and Definitions

General Information

It is an IoT solution that either does not connect to a cloud service of any kind or does not need a cloud service in order to function. So, typically the places you would find cloudless IoT of the first kind are going to be applications where the connectivity between the IoT devices and the user are going to be over a local technology, like Bluetooth, where the functionality is usually running on a phone and the IoT devices are connected to that phone using Bluetooth. You’ll find that sometimes in consumer IoT where you’ll have a phone app that controls a light bulb, for example. It’s cloudless in the sense that there is no need for it to go to and return from the cloud in order to turn on your lightbulb. Although, bizarrely, there are many examples of apps that turn on light bulbs that actually do have to make a roundtrip to the cloud in order to perform that function. Most IoT solutions that we build are not “cloudless”, because they involve interfacing with remote things and accessing them over the Internet.

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