What makes up an IoT solution?

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This is where you get into that whole “stack.” Typically, you think about it from the bottom-up. You’ve got: the thing – what you want to remotely monitor or control – what is that device that does that monitoring or control, what kind of hardware is it built with, what kind of software is that device running, how does that device now communicate to a network that allows it to send its data that is collected to somewhere else. How does that network connect to the application, which is now collecting and storing data from all of those devices that are deployed? How do analytics and machine learning apply to that data? How do users interact with that information (the application layer with visualization and user input)? How do you store that information long-term so that you can analyze the historical information? That is an IoT solution. It’s the hardware, it’s the firmware, it’s the network communication, it’s the application, the database, the analytics, it’s the user interface, data visualization, and tying all of that together into an end-to-end solution.

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