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Why IoT Projects Fail

by Andy Slote - Aug 01 2020

Statistics on organizations reporting their progress implementing the Internet of Things show numbers as high as 80 percent where results significantly miss expectations. Industry articles describe the most common reasons…

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Machine Learning for IoT

by Andy Slote - Jul 01 2020

So often, IoT applications are dealing with time-series data processing where prompt, effective decisions are essential. Machine learning can be a contributor, with the ability to replace the human element…

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IoT Device Battery Life

by Andy Slote - Jun 01 2020

For a significant number of use cases, battery-powered IoT devices are the norm. Many of the challenges of extending battery life are apparent. Still, the simplicity of some devices’ processing…

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IoT Data Visualization

by Andy Slote - May 01 2020

On top of all of the Internet of Things application functions operating on the “server-side,” there is the all-important visual aspect of an implementation. For turning much of your IoT…

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Security Concepts

by Andy Slote - Apr 01 2020

Stories about security breaches involving Internet of Things implementations hit the news periodically, usually when the impact is significant enough to attract media attention or when the reason for the…

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by Andy Slote - Mar 01 2020

For many Internet of Things use cases, the geographic locations (latitude, longitude) of the “Things” are essential. Many implementations use wireless networks, which means deriving a location from multiple reference…

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LoRaWAN Networks: Public vs. Private

by Andy Slote - Feb 01 2020

You may have heard about LoRaWAN (Long Range Radio Wide Area Network), one of the wireless connectivity technologies for the Internet of Things. LoRaWAN adoption has been increasing and is…

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Time-Series Data

by Andy Slote - Jan 01 2020

All discussions about IoT data include the highly-important type known as “Time-Series,” which is, as the name implies, successive readings paired with their corresponding points in time. Potentially generating a…

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Introduction to IoT Devices

by Andy Slote - Dec 01 2019

The Internet of Things will bring huge numbers of devices into operation for business and consumer applications. What are these devices? If we take a look inside, what would we see?…

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