Growing business opportunity.

Precision agriculture yields bountiful results.


The future of IoT agriculture.

Technology and nature may seem like an odd combination. From livestock to crops, there’s room in the fields for automation and technology to thrive, and we have the tools to get you where you want to be.


An agronomist measures the effectivness of the soil irrigation using an IoT sensor.


Soil monitoring

Want crop growth without the growing pains?  We can automate your soil monitoring, make real-time adjustments based on current conditions, and keep up with local weather forecasting to help you lower costs and improve crop yields.

Cattle grazing in a field while being monitored and tracked using IoT livestock tracking devices.


Livestock monitoring

Sometimes the cows (or llamas) roam a little too far from home. You’ll be able to keep track of your livestock with remote monitoring of each animal’s location, as well as vital signs like body temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate through an app right on your computer or phone.

A set of grain silos that have IoT bin level monitoring devices tracking their grain levels.


Bin and tank-level monitoring

You have a lot of equipment and storage to manage. Let us handle the bulk of it for you. With automated tracking of fuel, grain, carrots, or whatever else you have in your bins, we can monitor consumption and ensure timely replenishment. We have a packaged, ready to deploy solution known as Integrated Water Management that incorporates intelligence about all sources, uses, and resulting wastewater to help you keep your watering costs low and your business running smoothly.