Unearthing new IoT opportunities.

Data collection leads to valuable improvements.


Smart mining energy and mining solutions.

You don’t need to spend a gold mine to mine your gold. Let our IoT technology improve safety, productivity, and yields for your mining and energy businesses.


A factory that stores liquid in large containers uses IoT tank level monitoring sensors to detect low levels.


Tank-level monitoring

Losing your connection when you’re down in the mines?  We can improve your network connection in remote areas while increasing your productivity and lowering your costs. You’ll be able to get real time decision data to replenish your tanks as needed, reduce downtime, and improve your balance sheet at the same time.

A large piece of mining machinery that is tracked using IoT asset trackers adds to a pile of soil and rock.


Equipment management

You need your heavy equipment to do the heavy lifting on time, every time. We can automate all of your equipment monitoring to capture strategic information including location, utilization, idling time, fluid levels, and battery health. The faster you can diagnose equipment problems, the faster they can get back to working for you.

A mining vehicle drives through a tunnel that has IoT air quality sensors.


Asset tracking

Hide and seek isn’t nearly as much fun when you’re trying to find your assets. We can help you monitor the movement of your vehicles, equipment, assets, and people and help streamline processes, reduce human effort and reduce expenses. You’ll have a safer, more productive environment for your employees and know where everyone and everything is all the time.

Two construction workers discuss which piece of equipment that is monitored by IoT for optimum utilization to use.


Geophysical monitoring & decision making

Mining and extraction are dangerous work on the best of days. We can help you monitor and regulate the safety of your workers in real-time. We’ll measure seismic activity, show the effects of heavy equipment operation, and identify locations of risky activity, all while ensuring environmental regulations compliance and reducing personnel accidents.