Welcome the possibilities.

Customized solutions improve customer satisfaction.


New IoT solutions to capture data.

We give your retail therapy a little retail therapy of its own. Let us help you deliver 5-Star service in the retail and hospitality industries in ways you never dreamed of.



Predictive Maintenance

Predict the TLC that your business needs. Every system, subsystem, and individual unit in the retail and hospitality spaces benefit from predictive maintenance. Transition from regularly scheduled or reactive maintenance to a more proactive approach, including sound, temperature, foot traffic volume, and vibration. The benefits of predictive analytics help deliver more timely and effective maintenance, lower personnel costs, and give you the peace of mind that comes with safer, more secure operations.


Cold Storage Monitoring

Because no one likes a warm soda or spoiled food. Real-time temperature monitoring solutions provide continuous information about the status of refrigerators and freezers. You can get an alert when a unit fails or temperatures are outside of acceptable ranges, even if no one is on-site to hear that annoying alarm.


Occupancy & People Counting

Just how many people can you cram into that banquet hall, anyway? Everything from foot traffic, to time spent in the space, to time trends can be tracked and analyzed to help improve the in-person experience of your guests. The anonymous data we gather can help improve marketing and boost your bottom line. Need more detail?  Add the customers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to get granular information about your clients.