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Improve financial performance and tenant satisfaction.


Smart building solutions benefit everyone.

Just how Smart can a building really be? Very. Your building can tell you when a water line breaks, when your parking lot is full, and even when a lightbulb goes out in that seldom-used bathroom on the sixth floor.




A person checks uses IoT software to check the air flow of an office.


Indoor air quality

Breathe easier knowing that you can breathe easier. Indoor air quality monitoring keeps your air safe and healthy, identifies beneficial conditions, and locates all those things that can’t be good for you. Contaminants from cleaning, excessive dust, and pollutants can’t hide from these sensors. You’ll have healthier tenants, lower absenteeism, higher productivity, and you avoid all those costly legal and regulatory expenses.

An HVAC technician examines an air duct that is monitored by an IoT air flow sensor.


Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is the crystal ball of building management. Let your buildings tell you what they need and when they need it instead of scheduling things they don’t need. Early detection of potential problems with appliances, elevators, and HVAC is handled by monitoring inputs like sound, temperature, pressure, utilization, and vibration. Smart building monitoring leads to higher productivity and lower personnel costs.

Two factory workers examine a tank equipped with IoT temperature sensors that has sent out an alert.


Water management & leak detection

Don’t let water leaks drain you dry. When there’s a delay in finding and fixing a leak, repair costs can skyrocket. Smart building monitoring solutions integrate with flow meters to enable remote shut-off, leak detection with alerts for tenants and managers, plumbing services, and increased system visibility. And, you’ll find out about the leak in real-time instead of whenever someone happens to walk into that broom closet no one uses.

A parking lot IoT sensor displays a red light showing that the parking space is occupied.


Parking management

No more no parking zones. Managing a parking lot or garage involves quite a bit of man-power and money. Whether you’re trying to increase the revenue of your parking spaces, maximize daily staffing, or just get more cars into the lot, our automated parking management solutions will give you the flexibility you need. We can guide your cars into the most efficient parking spot, accept digital payments, and manage occupancy levels so that people aren’t driving around aimlessly for hours when there are no more open spaces.

A road running through a smart city is equipped with IoT motion sensors.


Smart lighting

Keep the lights on. Or off. Smart lighting solutions can lower energy costs, increase automation, and improve safety. Efficient lights with sensitivity to environmental triggers (daylight, occupancy, etc.) deliver cost savings and help out the environment while they’re at it. You’ll receive alerts for failures, occupancy triggers, emergency activation, and any other anomaly you can dream up.