Smart from start to finish.

IoT tracking every step of the way.


Improving supply chain logistics.

Keep your robots in line (the assembly line, that is) and automatically manage the supply chain from start to finish. You’ll have your raw materials in and your finished materials out in no time flat.


Two workers in a warehouse stock shelves with boxes being tracked using IoT.


Package/container tracking

Get from one place to another without losing a thing. With both package and container tracking, you’ll know exactly where your products are all the time. You can respond quickly to any weather or shipping delays, and keep clients and your own bottom line happy.

A gauge attached to a liquid filtering unit that is monitored using IoT.


Cold chain management

Keeping your cool can be tricky. Cold chain management solutions track the temperature conditions during movement and storage, associating the product to each measurement’s location. You’ll have real-time visibility of temperature deviations, locations and durations of non-compliant conditions, information for insurance, third-party claims, and loss prevention. You’re covered from the moment that product leaves your factory to the moment it arrives at your client’s front door.

A tanker truck that is monitored with IoT tank level sensors moves down a country road.


Asset tracking

Make your assets an asset to your bottom line. Both high and low-value assets can be protected with tracking devices that provide mission-critical information like current location, frequency and nature of movement, past locations, and coordinates on a map. You’ll save more and lose less when all of your assets are tracked in one convenient place.

Two warehouse workers discuss the location of a pallet being tracked by IoT.


Contract performance

Seal the deal. In addition to the ability to monitor and track anything, anywhere, IoT solutions can provide data for contract metrics. Digital ledger technology can keep logs of all transactions while providing supply chain partners with specific data access. You’ll have complete visibility to supply chain metrics, immediate awareness of unmet objectives, automated payment for contract performance met or exceeded, and data for reevaluating contract terms.