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IoT transportation solutions put you behind the wheel.

Moving the public at the speed of IoT. With asset tracking, fleet management, and predictive maintenance, we’ll help your transportation customers stay on the road. Or the track. Or wherever it happens to run.


A graphic representation of asset tracking for large trucks.


Asset tracking

Stay on track. Transportation crisscrosses the country (and the world) and your customers need to know how to maximize your fleet. We use tracking devices that provide invaluable information like speed, weather conditions, current location, frequency and nature of movement, past locations, and coordinates on a map. They’ll know exactly where each bus, van, boat, and train is at all times. Even if it’s driving through Wisconsin while they’re on the beach in Hawaii.

A high-speed train is monitored by IoT track vibration sensors.


Worker and public safety

Make transport hazards less hazardous. Managing public transportation is more challenging than just tracking where your vehicles go. There are safety hazards for both the public and your customers’ employees. We bring together multiple safety features that will help them minimize the dangers. With panic buttons for the workers, intelligent wearables that capture workers’ vital signs, real-time monitoring of worker fatigue and lapses in vigilance, “man overboard” alerts, fall alarms, lock-out systems for dangerous areas, and so much more, they can prevent and lessen accidents, optimize facility design, and even lower their insurance costs.

A service technician assesses a truck equipped with IoT technology.


Predictive maintenance

Let vehicles help maintain themselves. We’ll add sensors to your customers’ vehicles that allow you to monitor, analyze, and visualize all of your vehicles’ maintenance needs. We’ll track sound, speed, temperature, pressure, emissions, utilization, and more to keep their vehicles in top shape instead of just relying on a calendar to schedule their maintenance.

IoT enabled delivery trucks.


Fleet Management

Your customer’s fleet is their greatest asset. We’ll help them locate, monitor, and coordinate your vehicles. But that’s just the beginning. We provide insight on driver behavior, proximity to company assets, customer locations, traffic, weather, real-time tracking, routes, and diagnostics of their vehicles as well. They’ll reduce their personnel costs, improve fuel economy, and lower maintenance costs while increasing compliance with traffic laws and government regulations, earning higher customer satisfaction, and providing safer operations.