Trash Talking.

Sorting out smarter IoT solutions.


The future of waste management is now.

Waste not, want not. Or, in this case, waste more, manage more. IoT helps your business streamline and expedite every aspect of waste management.


Smart waste receptacles.


Bin/tank/can/dumpster level monitoring

Trash no waste before its time. Instead of following regular schedules and routes, our bin monitoring systems will let you know exactly when they need to be emptied. This prevents unnecessary trips by your crew and helps minimize your costs. We also have camera systems that can detect improper bin use. Together, these systems help you improve routes, detect and deter theft, comply with environmental regulations, and reduce personnel and fuel expenses.

Green recycling trucks monitored by IoT asset trackers.


Asset tracking

Follow that truck!  Our tracking devices provide the current location, frequency and nature of movement, asset path, and coordinates on a map so that you can quickly see your entire fleet of vehicles. You’ll reduce chances of vehicle theft and create more efficient routes to help boost your bottom line.

Large waste ponds monitored using IoT.


Equipment management

Keep your waste where it belongs. We can track and manage all of the equipment that you use for loading, dumping, sorting, and processing waste and recyclables. We capture location tracking, utilization, idling time, fluid levels, and battery health. Not only does this help prevent theft, it gives a greater precision of operation and reduces personnel, fuel, and maintenance costs.