We don’t make hardware, but we do make it work harder.

We use what works, not what we have lying around.

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Repairing and upgrade mobile phone, electronic, computer hardwar

We take the guesswork out of getting everything to work together.

As software developers at heart, we understand the need for finding the right hardware to bring code to life. It’s the yin to our yang, the Luke to our Han, the … you get the idea.

To ensure we always have the right answer for even the most irregular of hardware needs, we maintain relationships (the good kind) with numerous hardware manufacturers and vendors. So if, for example, a particular project of yours requires a GPS tracker, we can go to the 20-plus GPS makers we know and quickly figure out which of their many offerings will work best.

If you’ve ever Googled something like “best way to install a firewall,” you’ll appreciate how much our approach saves time, money, and everyone’s sanity. Especially the sanity.

In general, we are able to source existing hardware for even the most unique circumstances. But in cases where such hardware does not exist, our partners are more than willing to and, better yet, more than capable of engineering the custom hardware you need.