ObjectSpectrum is the perfect partner to design, develop, and deploy any cloud-scale IoT solution.


And it will be better, faster, and cheaper.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things – or IoT – is just the name for all those devices around your house that are connected to the Internet. Everything from your smart thermostat to your smart doorbell that likes to go DEFCON 1 at every 3am squirrel sighting.

But it also includes a metric boatload of smart business-related devices. We make all those smart devices work together in new, smarter, more efficient ways to make folks like you and/or your customers more productive and profitable.

Basically, if you want to make your business run more smoothly, enhance a product or service you already sell, or want to create some new smart thing for the marketplace – and it needs to be the modern definition of “smart” – we’re the people who can make it a reality.

And that is exactly why the IoT solutions we create are literally:



Every Prism module has been through the QA wringer. In real life. They’re out in the field, chomping through their bits, running flawlessly. Flawlessly? Yes. Because every bug was squashed long, long ago. So when we use them for your project, there is zero worry that something might go haywire.



Prism lets our devs focus on the truly custom parts of your project instead of recoding and reconfiguring everything from scratch. So what might take someone else a year to code would take us three or four weeks. Four and half if we pause for snacks.



Should you pay for something we’ve already built? No. Well, a little bit, we suppose. There’s value in speed, after all. But with our devs leveraging Prism, you’re getting all the functionality, all the robustness, and all the success without all the cost overruns and budgetary nightmares.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, we encourage you to contact us to either have a brief introductory phone call, schedule a demo, or discuss your brilliant idea.

If you’d like to get started down the path to IoT greatness – or just want some more info on how we can help get you there – please contact us: