A firm foundation for ultimate flexibility.

Prism™ provides a bedrock for innovation and implementation.

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Prism Software Suite

The difference your customers will – and won’t – see.

The heart of ObjectSpectrum is, without question, our Prism™ suite of software. Three components built from years of IoT development, testing, deployment, and success. Leveraging Prism helps our developers shrink development time, reduce risk, lower costs, and maintain our projects easily. No vulnerable open-source code or potentially abandoned APIs here. We’ve worked very hard, and continue to invest heavily, to ensure your engagements with Prism will be smooth, productive, and long-lived.

If that sounds too good to be true, well, it gets even better. Prism is always white-labeled. So your customers only see your brilliance, with Prism – unbeknownst to them – backing it up.

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