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Our services emphasize serving your needs exceedingly well.

Prism montioring showing on a computer monitor.

From a little help to a lot of ROI

ObjectSpectrum is the perfect partner to design, develop, and deploy any cloud-scale IoT solution.

If you’re one of those companies who actually expect results from the firms you hire, you’re in luck. ObjectSpectrum offers comprehensive expertise up and down the entire IoT stack, from both a technical and – just as important – a business standpoint.

Leveraging our award-winning Prism software suite, with its rich library of IoT Building Blocks℠, allows our developers to reduce risk and speeds up the time to market. In other words, whether you need consulting, rock-solid hosting, IoT as a Service℠, or a bit of all three, we can help you go from initial requirements to sustainable success with absolutely zero fluff.