Category: Applications

Soil Moisture Management

by Andy Slote - Aug 01 2023

One of the application areas for agricultural IoT involves placing devices in the soil to detect moisture and using this information to drive more effective use of water.

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Predictive Analytics for Vehicle Fleets

by Andy Slote - Apr 01 2023

Economies depend on fleets of vehicles supporting virtually every product or service out there. These vehicles are a significant expense as they rack up hours of use, requiring maintenance to…

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People Tracking

by Andy Slote - Jul 01 2022

One of the many applications where the Internet of Things delivers significant value is “people tracking,” which primarily refers to monitoring a physical persona rather than a digital one in…

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Human Fall Detection

by Richard Gate - Apr 01 2022

It is the first of April, but this is not an opportunity for me to prank you for comedic effect, it’s actually a serious subject. It has nothing to do…

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Can IoT help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

by Andy Slote - Dec 01 2021

As the threat from COVID-19 continues to persist, close contact between people remains a concern for virus transmission. Internet of Things solutions can detect and alert human activity in indoor…

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Wi-Fi Positioning Systems

by Andy Slote - Jan 01 2021

Wi-Fi connectivity has become widespread, particularly in urban areas, to a point where many sites have multiple active networks. When looking for available Wi-Fi connections while out in public, we…

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Device Management

by Andy Slote - Oct 01 2020

Device Management for IoT may bring to mind some obvious functions for monitoring and maintaining devices (status inquiries, firmware updates, etc.), but what does device management encompass when the most…

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Machine Learning for IoT

by Andy Slote - Jul 01 2020

So often, IoT applications are dealing with time-series data processing where prompt, effective decisions are essential. Machine learning can be a contributor, with the ability to replace the human element…

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IoT Data Visualization

by Andy Slote - May 01 2020

On top of all of the Internet of Things application functions operating on the “server-side,” there is the all-important visual aspect of an implementation. For turning much of your IoT…

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by Andy Slote - Mar 01 2020

For many Internet of Things use cases, the geographic locations (latitude, longitude) of the “Things” are essential. Many implementations use wireless networks, which means deriving a location from multiple reference…

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