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ObjectSpectrum creates immense value for your business by creating and transforming your IoT solutions.


Making the Internet work harder for you.

If you’ve ever questioned whether the Internet of Things (IoT) was going to help you do something special, we’re here with some very good news. As a pioneering IoT solution development company, our developers leverage our Prism™ software to deploy, manage, and license everything your company needs to launch breakthrough – and potentially breathtaking – cloud-scale IoT solutions.

We haven’t solved everything, but we can solve anything.

Can we help any firm in any industry leverage the power of IoT? Humility insists we say “probably,” but we’re quite confident the real answer is “yes.” However, we understand your desire for specifics, so we’ve detailed the breadth and depth of our experience across diverse industries – as in, everything from Agriculture to Waste Management – on a separate page.

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For those who want our elevator speech in a nutshell.

ObjectSpectrum was founded with the sole purpose of making the Internet of Things an Internet of useful, efficient, cost-cutting, ROI-maximizing things. We offer a complete range of software-and services-based solutions suitable for OEMs and enterprises alike – all dedicated to simplifying the complexities of cloud-scale IoT projects.


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Let’s be honest, we can say, claim, and promise anything we so desire on this website. So before putting your money where our mouth is, we invite you to schedule a demo with our founder. Yes, our founder, Eric Lenington. He can demonstrate how our platform will work within your own context, including how it will work to make you more profitable.

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