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Case Study

Equipment Monitoring

Client: AssetWatch Inc.

Business Opportunity

AssetWatch is a leading solution provider of end-to-end condition monitoring and predictive failure analysis of equipment and machinery for their customers, particularly machines that rotate, like motors, pumps, and fans.

Technical Challenge

When AssetWatch launched in 2018, they needed a way to efficiently receive high volumes of data from their proprietary sensors, from inside often secure customer facilities, process that data, store it, and use the results for visualization, analytics, and real-time alerting.


Working with the AssetWatch engineering and product management teams as their software partner, we designed and developed a solution that met these requirements. The first part was secure connectivity that could be easily and inexpensively installed in a variety of commercial and industrial environments, without relying on any existing infrastructure or needing to interface with the customer’s network. Data was transmitted from sensors mounted on the monitored equipment to overhead gateways that then relayed the data to our cloud platform, Prism Core. There, the raw data was received, transformed into various useful forms, and stored, conditionally triggering alert notifications via email, text message, or API integration with the customer’s systems. Both customers and AssetWatch personnel would then use the Prism View web-based application to view real-time and historical data, using visualizations and reporting tools that made quick work of understanding equipment performance and potential for near-term failures. Other features of the solution included automation of device provisioning, remote monitoring and updates of sensors and gateways, and a built-in document management system to track things like installation records and maintenance logs of the monitored equipment.


AssetWatch was able to focus on rapid growth and the further development of their proprietary sensor technology, while leaving the details of data transmission, software, and 24/7 cloud operations to us. The solution leveraged AssetWatch’s deep expertise with sensors and their unique understanding of their customer needs, combined with the Prism platform and our extensive knowledge of IoT systems, communications technologies, and cloud-scale software development and operations. But AssetWatch customers were the ultimate beneficiaries. Having an economical, easy-to-install, and easy-to-use solution to real-time condition monitoring immediately saved them time and money. With the visibility that AssetWatch provided, they could take action on potential issues before a catastrophic failure caused hours or days of expensive unplanned downtime.

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