Case Study

Data Analyzation and Visualization

Client: Instant Recall

Business Opportunity

InstantRecall is the leader in food recall preparedness and response. When a particular food or ingredient is recalled, their technology gets the product out of the supply chain. And with lives on the line, real-time data access is crucial.

Technical Challenge

They were looking for a software system that they could use to develop their own software quickly and easily integrate it into their own system. They have multiple web-based applications and needed a way to better visualize their integrated data without having to write new software from scratch for every new application.


InstantRecall is a technologically savvy company that is well-versed in software development. We were able to add value to their own solutions by utilizing Prism to do what Prism does best – analyzing and visualizing data. This has vastly reduced their software development time and has allowed them to continue to develop their own applications while harnessing the power that Prism gives them.


By leveraging Prism, they are now able develop solutions better, faster, and cheaper than ever before. They are a very satisfied customer as evidenced by the long list of additional projects planned for Prism. This has been a great business decision and enables them to deliver real incredible value to their customers.

Primary Components

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